On-Site Certified Training Simulator


Certified Training

Northern Nevada's only FAA approved AATD - Advanced Aviation Training Device - simulator

Save time and Money!

A bad weather day doesn't have to mean lost instruction time- The FAA allows a certain portion of a pilots training to be conducted in an approved simulator. It is a great tool for area familiarisation, procedure training, instrument rating instruction, twin engine familiarisation as well as much much more!

Allowable times

  • Private Pilot - 2.5 hours
  • Instrument Rating - 20 hours
  • Commercial Rating - 50 hours
  • Airline Transport Rating - 25 hours
  • Instrument Recurrent Training

Versatility for any scenario

  Our AATD flight training simulator can be configured for 34 single and twin piston powered airplanes, 7 turboprops and 2 jets, which means that 95% of our students will be able to train in their specific aircraft. AAT flight school offers all levels of flight training from private, commercial, instrument, flight instructor to Airline Transport Pilot.

Save Money

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The Simulator is located at the Advanced Aviation Reno Hangar and Flight School at 655 S Rock Blvd and is operated by our sister company Advanced Aviation Training LLC which has its own dedicated website- Link Below!