Aspen E5/TruTrak Aerocruze Bundle for Piper PA-28/32


EFIS/Autopilot Bundle Deal

We are proud to announce a new bundle deal special for Piper PA-28 and PA-32 Aircraft

From $13,500 INSTALLED

From $13,500 we will install a new Aspen EFD1000 E5 along with a TruTrak Aerocruze 2 axis digital autopilot. You will be able to choose if you prefer the flat pack autopilot control head, or either of the round display options, depending which best suits your panel. 

There is NO SALES TAX TO PAY as we have been granted a sales tax abatement!


Price Includes equipment and installation in PA-28/32 Aircraft with no previously installed autopilot system
Add $550 If the aircraft has an existing autopilot that needs to be removed.

-Installed price includes a bottom mounted Aspen RSM Unit, a top mounted RSM will be subject to an additional hourly charge
+Hourly rate charge to relocate antennas etc that obstruct the autopilot installation (Occasionally run into DME or Transponder antennas right where the servos mount)
+Shop supplies fee for wiring and connectors etc (This is for the few switches and breakers not included with the autopilot or Aspen and vacuum pump block off plate, etc...). If there are breakers or switches that can be reused that will reduce this amount. We can give you options on switches and breakers with various prices and let you customize your setup.

Enhance your Panel further for the Ultimate Bundle Package

Further bundle deals can also be had on those wishing to include an Avidyne IFD Navigator with the above promotion
To add an IFD440, add $14,000 INSTALLED
To add an IFD540 with remote ADSB out transponder, add $16,500 INSTALLED (As long as Avidyne continues their free transponder with IFD540 purchase deal currently going on)

The above does not include the cost of a WAAS GPS Antenna

Install Time & Slot allocation

For the Aspen E5/Aerocruze 100 Autopilot promotion we recommend planning a 2 week downtime of your aircraft. We can also carry out the autopilot flight test if required.

An install slot will be assigned upon receiving a deposit 

Contact Us!

Please Contact us either by our Contact us page or by emailing: 

to discuss your requirements and book an install slot